Vision from 2050

Stations are bright, comfortable and fully protected from the elements. Typically they are at the centre of an active area of extensive facilities for passengers and the public.

Full information, step-free access, help points, toilets and secure cycle storage and hire are almost universal. When there are no staff on duty, CCTV cameras and a public address system ensure safety and challenge misbehaviour. Retail choice is good, with refreshments, reading matter, etc. available throughout the day.

People generally arrive at the station on foot or by local transport. Some stations serve a wide catchment area and typically have multi-storey parking.

New stations

Most new stations in ConnectedCities have been built to serve a new green town or new green quarter. A station serving the latter is usually near the boundary of the pre-existing urban area and serves both it and the new development.

In new green towns without a pre-existing station the new station is usually sited near an old village – far enough away to allow room for the core of the pedshed, but near enough for the village to be part of the new green town.

Some new stations started as temporary stations when the pedshed core was under construction, but soon a permanent station was provided.


Wherever passengers have to change stations or services it’s convenient and cost-free. If a walk is involved there is a pleasant mall. The connections are punctual and reliable, and the walk is never more than 400 metres, and often assisted by a travelling walkway.

Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects _ Tranbay Transit Center and Tower