ConnectedCities will be delivered by many stakeholders working together, led by local authorities.


  • A local authority can begin to apply the ConnectedCities methodology as soon as it recognises the need to prepare a new local plan or to revise its existing local plan. There is no need to wait for government guidance or legislation.

  • Application of the methodology to an area identifies its potential ConnectedCities and the inter-town routes connecting them. Those revealed in this way are only indicative and subject to consultation.

  • Preliminary analysis indicates the potential of each ConnectedCity and inter-town route for development. These brief studies are normally by local planning authorities, county councils or local enterprise partnerships.

  • Policy-makers and the public are made aware of the urgent need for new sustainable housing, infrastructure and public transport, and the potential benefits of ConnectedCities.


  • An open conference is held to discuss the views of local elected representatives, stakeholders and community groups on these topics. This is the first stage of public consultation.

  • Each local authority considers adopting the Cities Act, which will give it development powers and eligibility for government assistance.

  • Once all the local authorities for a proposed ConnectedCity have adopted the Cities Act, its boundaries are defined by the local population and their elected representatives at conferences [link to consultation] held for the purpose.


  • If the proposed ConnectedCity crosses district boundaries, the local authorities enter into a co-operation agreement and appoint a joint committee to exercise the powers of the Act.

  • A master plan for the ConnectedCity is prepared and consulted on. It replaces or incorporates the local plan(s) for the area of the ConnectedCity, and allows detailed work on the planning of each pedshed to proceed in accordance with the ConnectedCity guidelines.

  • The master plan has to be approved by a government inspector after an examination in public.


  • Finally a ConnectedCity council is created from the pre-existing authorities to administer the city and receive the income from community held land, so that eventually it has little or no need of government support.