Local Democracy

The decision as to how the towns of the FCC should develop has to be taken by the local population.

However a combination of the four basic scenarios will probably emerge as the most satisfactory.

For example, a new station adjacent to Lister Hospital, which is the regional hospital would offer immense benefits to the whole area, far beyond the First ConnectedCity.

In combination with the creation of a new green town it would provided sufficient capacity to keep the changes to the existing towns to a minimum while providing better transport services so that everyone benefits from the greater choice and opportunity a city offers.


The population of the ConnectedCity has to decide where it wants to see change. If the towns are not to be simply extended at their edges, and find themselves overrun with more cars which people are forced to use because they have no serious alternative, housing, shops and employment to accomodate the inevitable growth must be around rail stations. The choice is between extensive reworking of the areas around the existing stations, or creating new stations serving new communities integrated with the existing towns. Both solutions are required. Together they support each other.

A new station providing good public transport to the regional hospital will have benefits for the whole area.