Town Growth Zones

Town growth zones are pedsheds around stations in what were already built-up areas. They have become more urbanised, and development is continually taking place there, particularly in and around the pedshed centre. This is often a new high-density mixed use area linked with the traditional town centre by a mall.

Vision from 2050

These zones have grown rapidly at their own pace, but where the redevelopment of individual sites did not result in a satisfactory urban form the local plan provided for key areas to be comprehensively redeveloped.

Development within the zone follows the pedshed principles. Common features are:

Outside these heritage areas, town growth zones have relaxed permitted development rules that may allow, for example:

Town Growth Zones tend to have a population in the order of 25,000, of which 5,000 to 10,000 are in new dwellings.

A typical Town showing the pedshed of the Town Growth Zone. The places available for development are those outside the Conservation Area (lightbrown dashed line) but inside the pedshed (green dashed line). Very often this includes large areas of low density, poor quality industrial land.