These guidelines provide a template within which stakeholders can develop within a pedshed as they wish. Their purpose is to ensure that the ConnectedCity as whole functions efficiently and sustainably while ensuring the freedom of every community to shape its own form.

Sustainability is king

All ConnectedCity development to be best practice of sustainable building, energy use/generation, water consumption/disposal, waste disposal, biodiversity, etc.

Keep within the pedshed

Sustainable transport provision can only be achieved within pedsheds. Development beyond, however tempting, is not sustainable. When acquiring land for a new green quarter or new green town, the development corporation will inevitably acquire land outside the pedshed. This land must be community forest amenities such as playing fields or retained in agricultural use. It must not be used for housing.

Observe the pedshed principles

The pedshed principles must be adhered to, even in existing towns and where they involve spending more on public works. Protected walkways must serve all new dwellings, and be retrofitted into existing areas where possible.

The pedshed diagrams attempt to impose order on the pedshed, with the villages and the employment area arranged around the core and the main circulation route running through them. However, their circular form, suggested by Howard’s garden city diagram and keeping development within walking distance of the station, should be apparent only from the air.

Town Growth Zones

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New Green Quarters and New Green Towns

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Car Policy

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Don’t let a motorway or fast main road spoil the pedshed

Any motorway or fast main road passing through a pedshed must be separated by noise-screening earth barriers which are part of the green infrastructure network. The main circulation route through the villages, paths and walkways should be taken over or under the fast main road. Avoid new junctions, as they waste land and encourage car use.

The Pedshed Principles can be applied in many different ways. Provided the guidelnes are followed a community can opt for anything between single storey houses or towers surrounded by open land