Scenario 4 - Extending Existing Towns

Creating New Green Quarters around new stations at the edge of the existing towns in addition to development around their existing stations would accommodate the even growth target population comfortably at average densities. At medium densities the choice would be either to not develop all the possible pedsheds or having greater than even growth.

Under this scenario, in addition to growth in the pedsheds of all the towns as in Scenario 2, Stevenage would have major expansion. There would be significant development around the existing station in Stevenage centre (25,000 to 33,000) but also around new ones at Lister Hospital (20,000 to 26,000) and possibly Bragbury End (15,00 to 20,000).

The new station adjacent to Lister Hospital, which is the regional hospital, would offer immense benefits to the whole area, far beyond the First ConnectedCity.

The currently disused station at Arlesy Town would be reopened, and be at the core of a possible new green quarter accommodating 15,000 to 20,000.

If the FCC chose to exceed its even growth quota and accommodate some of London’s expansion, this would probably be the chosen scenario.However, the new population would not be merely London commuters, but would have the opportunity to work within the FCC in its new employment areas. As offices are converted to housing in London these will become progressively more attractive to businesses.

Potential for population if new green quarters are added to existing towns.

Capacity for growth showing predicted population of each town to 2080 if new green quarters are added to existing towns. Growth is highlighted yellow.