Starting from the analysis and agreed boundaries the local authority or joint committee prepare a master plan for the ConnectedCity.

It covers the whole area of the ConnectedCity: the hub town, the sister towns and villages and the rural hinterland.

The master plan replaces or incorporates the relevant local plan(s). If a local plan has not yet been examined in public it will usually be abandoned and resources switched to the preparation of ConnectedCity master plan(s).

Each proposed pedshed is examined in detail in the light of sustainability criteria. Any that will not be sustainable are eliminated, and the positions of new stations are adjusted where necessary.

Outside the pedsheds of the ConnectedCity development will only be permitted under exceptional circumstances.

The plan is prepared In consultation with the public and the stakeholders (including neighbouring ConnectedCities, the train operators and rail networks).

Contents of the master plan

After setting out its purposes and objectives, the master plan:

Town and pedshed action plans

The master plan is followed by action plans describing how the individual pedsheds are to be developed in accordance with the master plan and the ConnectedCity guidelines, and integrated into the towns in which they are located. 

ConnectedCity plans are derived from an 'open source' common template which is modified to accord with local circumstances in order to make most efficient use of personnel and resources. Templates are also used when preparing pedshed plans.