Lister Hospital - Stevenage

Lister Hospital - Stevenage

Although it is the regional acute hospital, Lister Hospital is not well served by public transport. A new station would be located with easy walking distance, at the point where the rail line and A1 motorway cross. Protected walkways would lead directly to the hospital, as well as all other parts of the pedshed.

The famous Forster Country landscape to the north of the hospital would be preserved and turned into a countryside park.

Immediately adjacent to the new station is a historic wooland which will be protected and preserved, along with the adjacent village. The site of the new centre and mixed use area which would serve the whole of the north of Stevenage is currently occupied by a council depot and a supermarket car park.

In the existing housing area next to the new centre relaxed permitted development rules will encourage individual development within the pedshed. To the west and north two new villages will accommodate between 8,000 and 12,000 persons in family houses and 1,500 to 2,000 in flats at village centres.

The existing employment area to the north west will be extended along the railway.

Lister Hospital in Stevenage pedshed shown fully developed as a New Green Quarter

Lister hospital pedshed Area of search for development sites within distance from station.

Aerial view of Existing

Average densities

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