Tentacles are sections of local bus and PRT routes radiating from the hub in a large hub town, on which new development has been encouraged even though it’s not within a pedshed. They generally follow arterial roads with several routes, which between them provide a frequent service.

Vision from 2050

Tentacles have extended up to ten minutes by bus/PRT from the hub. Beyond there has been no new development - unless it is in the pedshed around another station in the town.

Where there is no PRT the buses run at least every five minutes during the day and every ten minutes in the evenings.

High-density development has generally been allowed within 200 metres of a tentacle micro-station, whether or not it’s in a pedshed.

Tentacles serve several purposes:

Microstations contain:

Tentacles radiate for ten minutes travel time from the hub. Growth is encouraged along them in Micropedsheds 200m in radius