Application of the methodology to an area provisionally identifies the ConnectedCities and the connecting inter-town routes.

Preliminary analysis of a possible ConnectedCity identifies the potential capacity for new housing and inter-town rail services, and which local authorities and other stakeholders (Health Authorities, Tranport proviers, etc) must participate.

When the ConnectedCity's hub town and sister towns have been defined, ascertain the potential of each of its inter-town routes to accept new stations.

The pedshed of each existing and potential station is identified and its features investigated. The pedshed principles are applied to determine its suitability for development and the likely problems, including necessary new infrastructure.

Explore alternatives: e.g. between two towns there may be room for only one new green quarter - assess the effects of giving it to one or other town.

Capacity of pedsheds and hub town tentacles

  1. Ascertain the location of the hub in the hub town, and explore the development potential of its pedshed and of tentacles radiating from the hub;

  2. For the hub town and sister towns, identify the town growth zones around the town station and any existing suburban stations;

  3. Identify potential locations for new green quarters in the pedsheds of new or existing stations near the edges of the towns;

  4. Identify potential locations for new green towns in pedsheds of village stations or new greenfield stations;

  5. Study the maximum housing capacity of each pedshed using the pedshed principles and guidelines.

Inter-town transport

When all potential pedsheds and their capacities are determined, examine each inter-town route's revenue potential and the extra rolling stock/infrastructure needed to provide the appropriate level of service.

Areas of research for locations in which pedsheds can be located. The lenght of each 'arm' is determined by a maximum travel time of 15 minutes from the hub, which is in turn determined by number of existing stations, track conditions, etc.

Factors to be taken into account when locating new stations and their pedsheds include:

  • Not in a National Park, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, SSSI or other designated land.

  • On a reasonably straight, flat section of track without a junction;

  • Sufficient distance from other stations to avoid overlapping pedsheds;

  • Able to serve enough development to justify its cost. A station site is unsuitable if it is in a tunnel or too much of the potential pedshed cannot be developed because of e.g. existing uses that cannot be moved.

  • Stations near motorway junctions or fast main roads are potential parkway stations and will need room for car parks;

  • For a new green quarter, or new green town adjacent to a village, the need to have sufficient greenfield land around the station to provide the core, yet to be in walking distance of as much as possible of the existing housing.