Town Centre

The pedshed core is the area within 150m of the rail station at the centre of the pedshed. It is approximately 10 hectares, with amounts varying depending on circumstances.

It is a pedestrian space, although service vehicles are allowed access for street cleaning, deliveries, etc. and contains primary civic and leisure facilities.

Since they are all so close to the station these serve not only its host town but the whole of the ConnectedCity.

The typical facilities are:

  • Civic buildings

  • Town hall

  • Central Libraries

  • Houses of Worship

  • Cinemas

  • Theatres

  • Entertainment venues

  • The public transport hub

  • Rail Station

  • PRT and bus stops

  • Retail

  • Restaurants, cafes, etc

  • Hotels

  • Prestige offices

Prestige residential apartments are located on some upper floors.

Their density is approximately 80-120 dwellings per hectare or 250-350 persons per hectare with a population around 2,500 – 3,500.

The pedshed core is urban and pedestrianised with a high density of activity similar to the core of a mediaeval city. Some cores are high rise, but most do not exceed six or seven stories. All have large areas of weather-protected spaces for comfortable walking

The core is nearest to the station. Its urban form can take many varieties