New green quarters and new green towns

  1. The station, upgraded rail service and parts of the central core must be functioning before housing is occupied to ensure residents do not rely on cars. Land closest to the centre must be developed before land further away.

  2. There must be

  • a minimum overall housing density in each pedshed of 80-100 persons/hectare;

  • a ratio of green space to developed land within the pedshed of approximately 30:70;

  • a car-free inner ring with only parking for car clubs. It must have a minimum density of approximately 200 pph or 100dph;

  • a minimum overall density of 50 dph in the ConnectedCity villages;

  • a maximum distance of 400m from any dwelling or workplace to countryside or a green corridor.

  • Home Zone standards on all residential streets;

  • division of village sites into blocks, lots and plots to provide development opportunities for major housebuilders, local builders and self-builders;

  • varied and attractive high streets with services and community facilities

Diagram of a typical ConnectedCity Village