Each local area will vote whether or not to accommodate their pro rata share of the national population growth. Those that choose to grant planning permission for more than their share will be assisted with government funding raised from those that choose to provide less.

Local Residents

Those affected by the creation of a ConnectedCity will gain

  • generous compensation for properties directly affected

  • higher property values from the area's greater amenity

  • prospect of progressively lower local taxes

  • radically improved public transport

  • minimal increase or reduction of traffic congestion

  • better community facilities – health centres, community colleges, etc - all easily accessible

  • greater shopping choice

  • more local job opportunities

Local Authorities

Those which create a ConnectedCity gain

  • a clear strategy for dealing sustainably with the pressures of growth and increased population

  • support from government for their development plans

  • access to funding opportunities

  • powers to plan and operate local transport

  • healthy new development

  • wealth creation as the groups of towns become magnets for economic growth

  • increasing ground rent income from new green towns and new green quarters

  • ability to develop solutions appropriate for local circumstances while benefiting from national support

  • long term prospect of financial independence

Prosperity is more than just money: it is quality of life