New Green Quarters 

New green quarters are pedsheds around new stations on the edges of both hub towns and sister towns. They contain new ConnectedCity villages on greenfield land and perhaps a new employment area, but the station and pedshed centre also serve a substantial area of the pre-existing town. The greenfield land beyond them is always protected from development.

Vision from 2050

New green quarters contain much of the new housing in ConnectedCities, as they are easier to implement than new green towns and bring prosperity to the town as well as the wider city.

The station must be open before the new dwellings are occupied, so that residents have inter-town transport from the outset and don’t depend on cars. This is a universal stipulation in all new green quarters.

The pedshed plan ensures that the part of the existing town that’s in the pedshed develops in accordance with the pedshed principles.

Where a stretch of railway had room for only one new station it usually serves a new green quarter rather than a new green town, because:

New Green Quarters tend to have a population in the order of 20,000, of which about 15,000 will be in new dwellings.

New Green Quarters add transport links to the edges pf the existing towns which would otherwise be car dependent, and provide sustainable access to out-of-town facilities.