gloucester & cheltenhAm CC

Gloucester and Cheltenham are two independent towns so close together that for the purposes of the ConnectedCities methodology are treated as a single ConnectedCity with two hub towns

Developing within the 1km radius 15 Minute Neighbourhoods of existing and potential new stations could accommodate an additional 250,000 persons, all within walking distance of a rail station

The new housing requirement up to 2031 are:

ConnectedCities believes that a longer vision to 2050 and 2080 is essential for effective planning, allowing for new settlements if required. We use as a guide the pro-rata percentage of the ONS anticipated UK population growth to 2081

Using either system the ConnectedCity can easily accommodate the anticipated growth sustainably

Potential Capacity of 15 Minute Neighbourhoods around existing and potential new stations

Town growth Zones around existing stations - New Green Quarter around new stations on the edge of existing towns - New Green Towns around new stations on the line